Q: – How thick is the turf you supply?
A: – The soil on our turf is roughly ¾ inch (18mm) deep

Q: – Can I lay turf straight down on my old lawn?
A: – No, your garden/soil should be dug over and raked level first for best results

Q: – How deep should the soil be to lay Turf on to?
A: – We advise there is 2-3inch depth of good quality soil underneath new turf

Q: – Do I need to apply fertiliser to my Turf when I lay it?
A: – No, the turf is already fertilised, you will only need to add more fertiliser around 4-6 months after laying it

Q: – How often should I water my turf after laying?
A: – Once your turf has been laid, it will need plenty of water twice a day for the following two weeks or until it’s well rooted.
*please do not walk on your turf during this time if possible until the turf has rooted*

Q: – When can I mow my new lawn?
A: – Usually 2 weeks after having your turf laid or not until it is well rooted We advise only taking the top cut off your lawn on the 1st cut.
*adjust your mower to its highest setting for this then gradually reduce the height back down after each further cut*

Q: – Is there a better time of year to lay turf?
A: – You can lay turf all year round; however, the best times are in the cooler months in the spring and autumn.

Q: – Do I need to lay my turf down the same day as I receive it?
A: – We do recommend laying it on the same day but if this is not possible, you can keep it in the shade uncovered in the open air and lay it within 2 days


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